Scamtastic Goodness for Eight Year Olds

Taught my 8 y/o son this scam on Saturday.  The wife had some friends over so I thought it'd be the perfect opportunity for him to show off and have a good time.  I showed him the trick with a couple Harry Potter books that were on the shelf.  He was totally shocked.  When I walked through the math with him he got all excited. 

We chose a couple other books off the shelves for him to learn and then got to work with our plan.  (Moby Dick and Alice in Wonderland)  We worked as a team for the scam.

Here's how we did it:

  1. He leaned the words.  Took some practice. ("Humility" was a hard word for him to remember.)
  2. He told the guests and my wife that he had memorized all of the words in the books in our library.  Not just the words but the exact position of every word in all the books.
  3. I told him that I'd quiz him.  I pulled two "random" books off the shelf.
  4. Got a 3 digit number from the wife and ran through the math for a "random" number.
  5. A guest picked which book and of course he came up with the correct word.

Here's where we blew their minds.  My wife, being the suspicious one, decided to pick out a book herself. (Uh, oh...)  She told my son to grab a Harry Potter book. (YES!!!) I suggested that we'd already found a great random number,  let's just go to the same place.  She and her friends agreed.  Flipped it open and I whipped out the correct word.  Minds totally blown.

What's the chances that she'd just happen to pick the correct books?  Probably 1 in a hundred but it worked out for us this time.

Aal Izz Well तीन मुर्ख

3 Idiots is a great movie.  Please take the time to see it.  Aamir Khan is definitely one of my favorite actors.  With R. Madhavan and Sharman Joshi as well this movie is going to fit right in with my collection.

You have to read subtitles unless, of course, you understand the language.  Don’t let that stop you.  Please see this movie.  Not only is it very fun, but it’s got a good message.

If all goes according to plan it should be available on YouTube soon.  Watch for it.

Back on the Diet

I’ll be going on vacation at the end of August so it’s time to get back in to some kind of shape.  (Something besides round anyway.)

I have far less weight to lose this time. I’m going to use weightwatchers again. Hopefully following the plan will let me drop the weight pretty quickly.

Robby at Disneyland

I’ve also been looking into joining a kung fu class.  Both for exercise and a bit of fun.  I don’t find traditional workouts enjoyable or fun.  Even in the days long gone when I’d go out and run for exercise I never got that “high” from endorphins that people talk about.  It never felt good.  I never had a good time of it.  I’m living right next to some hiking trails so I’ll probably be hitting those as well.