Time to build another computer

I need to build a rackmounted computer that is super fast.  It’s going to be installed in a mobile rack for recording audio to ProTools on the go.  I think what I’ll do is document the process here so that I can refer back.

Here are my first thoughts:

  1. Not sure about a chassis.  Never bought a rackmount chassis.  Are there particular things that I should take into account when researching them?  I suppose it has to be light but durable.  It will be in a mobile rack.
  2. SSDs?  A nice fast SSD for the system drive might be a good way to have darn fast response from ProTools.
  3. RAID? What does ProTools think of RAID?  RAID 10 probably right?  Striped for speed and mirrored for protection.
  4. No point in running 64-bit. ProTools doesn’t work unless you’re running 32-bit OS.
  5. Memory- Not 64-bit so no point in installing more than 3GB
  6. Video- A nice video card should probably be installed in case I decide to do post production work… SLI???
  7. Processor?  No idea yet.  Probably Core i7